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List of Names and Places of 12 Jyotirlingas in India


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Shiva. - Evil's Destructor. The so called Supreme Being by various names. Most of the people as Hindu are a few times over as they grow up and find the word "Jyotirlinga." Among the Hindus is Shiva's Jyotirlinga. Jyotirlinga is a shrine in the shape of a Jyotirlingam, where Lord Shiva is adorated. Now, what's a Jyotirlingam, may you ask? It is the radiant symbol of the Almighty (phallus symbol). A Jyotirlinga is Lord Shiva's holy representation. The word Jyoti means light and Linga means sign. Sign means sign. The light of Lord Shiva is Jyotirlinga.

In Shiva Purana we mention the legend of the "Jyotirlinga." When Lord Vishu and Lord Shiva debated who is supreme, Lord Shiva built a huge column of light and invited the two to find the end of the light in both directions. Lord Brahma lied to that, but Lord Vishnu admitted defeat. He had reached the end. Lord Shiva cursed Lord Brahma and he will never be adored, although he is the founder of the universe. And it is believed that the Jyotirlingas here were built on the infinite light pillar of Lord Siva.


India seems like the most spiritual place in the world. It recognizes as because of the Om Namah Shiva belief of people. You might have heard about jyotirlingas in India. Do you know what are jyotirilings in India? One can admire it as temples of Lord Shiva located at different places in India.

Do you know who established the jyotirlingas? It seems established with the efforts of Saint Adi Shankaracharya. One can recognize the significance of jyotirlingas as a symbol to spread the message of Lord shiva. You can find the name of 12 jyotirlingas:

Somnath: Gir, Gujarat

Nageshawar: Gujarat

Bhimashankar: Maharashtra

Mallikarjuna: Andhra Pradesh

Rameshwaram: Tamil Nadu

Kedarnath: Uttarakhand

Kashi Vishwanath: Uttar Pradesh

Omkareshwar: Madhya Pradesh

Mahakaleshwar: Madhya Pradesh

Vaidyanath: Jharkhand

Grishneshwar: Maharashtra

Trimkeshwar: Maharashtra

One should certainly try to access each of these temples.




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