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Microsoft Names Satya Nadella As Chairman of the Company


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Satya Nadella, who is third CEO of Microsoft Corporation is now the third chairman following Bill Gates and Thompson. On Wednesday, 16 June 2021, Microsoft Corporation named Satya Nadella, who was the Chief Executive Officer, as the Chairman of the corporation replacing John Thompson. Microsoft has achieved the skies under the watch of Satya Nadella. Satya Nadella has been chosen unanimously as the Chairman of Microsoft after being the CEO of indian origin. 


After 20 years, this step has been taken by the Board of Directors to rename the position of Chairman and CEO to the same person. This happened when Bill Gates was both Chairman and CEO of Microsoft Company. He stepped down as the CEO in 2000. 
Satya was elected as the CEO after Steve Ballmer in 2014. Under the control of Satya Nadella, Microsoft has expanded its business starting from major acquisitions like LinkedIn, ZeniMax and Nuance Communications. Under Nadella, Microsoft has focused more on cloud computing services so as to capture all the powers in their hand from the market. Even in the pandemic situation, Nadella's Microsoft has delivered 14% revenue growth even after facing so many challenges. Satya Nadella is the sole person in Microsoft who has more than 1.6 million shares of the company. 
The structure of the companies differs a lot. The structure of the company which separates it from others is based on the factor of policy formation, the status of shareholders and other elements. The responsibility of the Board of Directors is to check the corporate activities. The chairman has the full authority to make new policies or amend the previous ones. The chairman is also responsible for deciding the way how the vote procedure works and sets all the agendas.
The CEO in a company is ranked as the highest executive. The CEO of the company is designated to look after all the operations of the company and also make corporate decisions. The position of CEO and Chairman differs but in Microsoft, after 2 decades the responsibility of these two have been given to the same person, Satya Nadella


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Satya Nadella is an Indian-born American business man. He is currently the CEO and executive chairman of Microsoft. Earlier, he was an executive vice president of Microsoft's cloud and enterprise group. He was only responsible for better running of company's computing programs. But now, he has many projects to develop the cloud infrastructures in the world. He had became the CEO on 4 February, 2014 after Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer. He has improved the development of Microsoft. Since Nadella become CEO, the Microsoft company's stock has increased thrice with an annual growth of 27%.



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