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Ram kumar

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People who grew up before the internet became big, how was life different?


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Below are few examples of How Different Life Was Before The Internet

1. They had to meet in person when they had a group project.

2. They actually went to the library and consulted actual books to get the answers to a question.

3. And when they went to the library, they found their books using a filing system with thousands of index cards called the Dewey Decimal system.

4. They had to go to an actual store to buy the hottest new albums.

5. They had to go to the store to get their photos printed in order to see them, and then they had to share them with friends in physical albums. In person. With no filter.

6. They had to wait until their fave singer/band had a concert in their city to see them perform.

7. They had to write super long letters to their fave celebs called "fan mail."

8. They actually had to watch their fave TV show live when it aired.

9. And to make it worse, they had to watch one episode at a time.

10. Newspapers were actually used to get the news.

11. They had to use actual paper maps to get from point A to point B.

12. They had to manually turn their clocks back during daylights savings.

13. They wrote their papers on huge computers the size of TVs.

14. They couldn't stalk their crush on the sly.

15. They had to actually call people on the phone.

16. No online shopping.

17. They had to politefully disagree about things.

18. When there was nothing to, they had to find something semi-productive to do.


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