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Vinay Bajrangi

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Can an Astrologer Forecast the Ultimate Purpose of Your Life?


Astrology might be considered as a pseudoscience; scientists don't believe it. For that matter, many people avert their eyes when horoscope is shown to them. There may not be scientific evidence for astrological predictions, but how were the status and achievements of great men predicted? Be it politics, education, or highest rank in defence, with astrology, based on planetary movements or combinations predictions we're done with highest accuracy, although some predictions we're less accurate because of wrong data or naive astrologer. If I say a rock in a bare land has life, you will be credulous if you understand the power of astrology. If you don't believe, the rock is simply a solid matter. Also, we are so inclined to the materialistic aspects of life that we forget asking ourselves "Why are we here?". 

Can an Astrologer Forecast the Ultimate Purpose of Your Life?

In Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra, Parashara tells his discipline Maitreya that his longing to know the details of Astrology has a good purpose - a universal purpose. "Brahma being the Creator and Sun being the leader of all planets, I will explain to you the science of Astrology as I've heard from the Creator. Only god-fearing, righteous people will, believe, inculcate and share this science to young people.

Even the holy Quran says that Astrology has been created with profound meaning and purpose.

According to Jataka Bharanam, a person will become highly ambitious if Saturn occupies Aquarius sign. In such a setting the person's efforts will not go in vain. Maharishi Parashara promised Maitreya that he will be blessed with the knowledge of great secrecy and supremacy as communicated to him by the Brahma himself.

The universe and its inhabitants we're created for a purpose. If a person endures everything that comes his way, including joy and pain, he or she will attain 'Moksha' or 'Salvation'.

'Moksha' is the very intended goal of every one, but the path they might take is different and challenging. If you understand the ultimate purpose of life, you will work your way unswervingly in reaching your higher self. Your spiritual plane is uplifted only by serving others.

Jaimini Astrology has a special mention about 'Atmakaraka' and 'Amatyakaraka'. 'Atmakaraka' is the king of the birth chart. The effects of other planets will depend on the strength of the King. If he's powerful the native will see good results and if he's weak, the results are mostly not good.

When people consult me, it will mostly be related to career, finance, marriage, child, and overseas settlement. Questions will revolve around these subjects. Interestingly, some people ask questions about purpose of life, Karma, and Moksha. They try to find out whether they're doing things right. Such people's approach will be different and I must say this is the right approach. Know what your Atmakaraka and Amatyakaraka have to say and know in which direction they're pointing. Be higly ambitious and have high goals. An Astrologer can in no time tell you your purpose and long-term goals in life.