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How to fix Dell printer error code 016-302


Whenever a Dell printer encounters a problem it indicates the error in the form of a message and a number. This makes it easier to understand what the error is related to. For example, Dell printer error code 016-302 is part of a series of errors related to the printer driver or software. It is difficult to remember all the error codes and what they mean. If you need help you can contact dell technical support number to get relevant data concerning the error.

Error code 016-302 is usually accompanied by a message or prompt asking users to restart the computer. The technical message behind this error is “CPU illegal exception”. If you have encountered this error while using your Dell printer then do not worry, there are certain troubleshooting steps you can use to resolve Dell printer error code 016-302. Just follow the steps in the correct order:

Step 1: Remove the data cable and restart the printer

• Switch your Dell printer off.

• Remove all the data cables and wireless adaptors.

• Switch on the printer without the data cable.

If the Power On Self Test is complete and the printer does not indicate any errors, you can go ahead and print a settings report. If you are able to print the settings report without any problem then the issue is not related to the Dell printer hardware.

Step 2: Clear the Print Queue

When you give the command to print but the printer is not working the computer will still record the task and put in the print queue. Follow these steps to clear your Dell print queue:

• Open ‘Services’ in Windows and go to ‘Print Spooler’

• Right-click the ‘Spooler’ option and select ‘Stop’

• Reconnect the printer data cable.

• Give the print command and print a test page.

In case you have more than one computer connected to the printer make sure the print queue is clear on all the computers.

 Step 3: Reinstall the Printer Driver

A printer driver is computer software that can convert data into a format that is compatible with the printer so that the printer can understand the data. Here’s how you can reinstall your printer driver

• Uninstall your current driver and all the printing related software.

• Open the official Dell website on your browser

• Follow the guidelines and download a new printer driver

Once the driver is downloaded and installed on your computer you can again print out a test document to make sure everything is set up correctly.

If you complete all the steps in the given order your printer should be running again and you should be able to continue with your printing tasks. But if the error continues and your work is affected you can call the dell customer support number which is available 24 hours a day. It is possible that there may be a deeper technical malfunction involved for which you can speak to a certified expert.

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