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How to get higher bands in IELTS?


How to get higher bands in IELTS? 

To achieve higher bands in IELTS you just need to study for 2 or 2.5 months regularly with full concentration. It is not that much difficult to achieve higher bands in IELTS all you need to do is regular practice of each module in IELTS that is reading, writing, listening and speaking. You have to focus on your weakest skills and try to do better with each passing day. To work on your skills first you have to know how much well you know English language, how much you can do better in IELTS test? You can do this by taking online tests of IELTS after knowing your position start working on yourself. Because it will be more helpful to you. So here are some tips and tricks you can use to get higher bands in IELTS.

How to get higher bands in IELTS?

Speaking Tips To Score High Bands

• Speaking way: Your sound should be clear and easily understandable. Use words that are comprehensible and anyone can catch easily.

• Accent: Your accent must be good that people not feel odd when you speak English in front of people. You should not sound like it is not your language. Speak it with comfort.

• Use wide range of words: Don’t repeat the words while explaining something. You can use synonyms of that word to describe your point. It will have a good impact on examiner.

• Speak full sentences: Avoid using phrases while talking or speaking. Make sure you use complete sentences with sense. Your sentence should be able to understand.

 Writing Tips To Score High Bands

• Format: Before start writing you must keep the writing format in your mind that is:

 Introduction

 Body

 Short conclusion

• Good vocabulary: A good vocabulary is needed for writing in IELTS. Vocabulary is the foundation for comprehension. A robust vocabulary improves all areas of communication — listening, speaking, reading and writing.

• Sound knowledge of Grammar: Grammar is the set of rules and regulations for writing and speaking language. So you should have a sound knowledge of grammar before writing or speaking English.

• Punctuation: Punctuation is used to create sense, clarity and stress in sentences. You use punctuation marks to structure and organize your writing.

• Task achievement: Task achievement (TA) is one of criteria that IELTS writing tasks are judged by. During writing keep in mind what is asked and how can you satisfy your answer according to the question this is what examiner need.

 Listening Tips To Score High Bands

• Start watching English movies and listening English songs. This will help you to make the English accent more familiar to you.

• Write no more than one word and/or a number for each answer.

• First write your answers on paper. Don’t write directly on answer sheet.

• You must pay attention to your handwriting and spelling.

• Before handling your answer sheet, you must check your Spellings and Grammar. Especially plural and past forms of noun and verbs.

 Reading Tips To Score High Bands

• Develop skills of each type of questions in reading: You should have some strategy to tackle all of the different 14 questions .So train your mind according to the syllabus of IELTS reading test.

• Skimming and Scanning: Skimming means to read the whole passage so that you have a general idea about that passage. It is recommended to you before tackle the questions. Scanning is the ability to locate the information easily without any problem.

• Develop your reading speed skills: To find answers quickly you must have a good speed of reading because this test has strict time limits. So you must focus on your reading speed.

• Key Words: You must be able locate the key word that is available in the question to spot the right answer. You must have the skill to find key word easily and use them correctly.

• Don’t try to read the whole passage: You only need to give the answers so don’t read the full passage. If it is needed then you can read otherwise focus on key words.

At last I want to say that Practice makes a man perfect. No one can attain perfection without practice. So do hard work and regular practice. It will be helpful to you. Each module of IELTS has its specific task that you have to fulfill so as to get higher bands in IELTS.

As well as a good institute will help you to achieve your goal easily.So here you will find out best IELTS coaching institutes in chandigarh.