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How to Pack Your Belongings in the Right Way?


“To pack your items in a proper way, kindly give this blog a good read now”.

The process of packing your belongings can be quite tricky. You would not only need to ensure if they are packed properly with adequate padding or not, but you also have to ensure that the order of packing the belongings is right.

Obviously, you have to guide your chosen Aurora moving company related to this as they wouldn’t have any clue about the items you use regularly. You have to prioritize your belongings and create a list of the things you need on a regular basis. You need to pack these items in a separate bag and carry it with you. Some of the probable goods that should go into this bag are cosmetics, tissue rolls, a pair of clothes and underwear, medicines, towels, etc. If you have a kid or a pet (or both), then you should carry their fav toy and food as well. Trust me, it would keep them engaged and they would bother you less.

To know about the order of getting your things packed into cartons, read the rest of this blog.

Before you start packing the items, make sure that the packing materials are ready. You should also have a detailed inventory of your own so that it is easier for you to get the items packed by the experts. You should constantly coordinate with your movers and packers so that there is no lack of communication. The more you would communicate, the better it would be for you. You should divide the items into a few categories. Give away the items that you don’t need.

You should start by packing the items that you do not need on an everyday basis, such as the items in the guest room. I am sure that no one will come to visit you now that you are so busy. Then you can also pack your holiday decorations and out-of-season jackets and woollies, etc. I am telling this assuming that you are not going for a winter move. Surplus items such as office supplies, books, linens, etc. should also be packed into cartons in the initial days of packing. You should also pack collectibles such as scrapbooks, miniatures, etc. You should also get items like heirlooms, souvenirs and framed artworks packed into boxes.

Pack the CDS, vinyl records, video games, etc. professional movers Chicago to put proper labels so that there is no confusion later. If you are getting fragile items packed, then the box should be labeled as “fragile”.

You should pack special kitchenware, BBQ tools, and crystals into cartons as well. They can be packed at first as you wouldn’t use the fancy items on a daily basis or during the last few days, right?

When you have two weeks left, you should pack items such as your kid’s toys, pet’s toys, etc. However, keep a few of them handy so that you can keep them engaged. They might get cranky while in transit so make sure that their favorite toys are handy.

One week prior to the move, make sure no devices or electronics are left behind such as computers, tablets, etc.

You should also get a few other things packed, such as drinking glasses, curtains, bedsheets, rugs, carpets, surplus clothes, bags, bed, and bedding, etc. All these items fall under the miscellaneous category.

You should also get rid of certain items such as corrosive materials, et al.

So this is the order in which you should pack your belongings.