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Ramesh Kumar

Marketing Manager | Posted on | food-cooking

Life Hacks: Recipes For Improving Your Brewing


Imagination And Opportunity
Coffee is a sort of “blank slate” beverage. While it does have its own bitter flavor, the family of flavors that can be coupled with it cover a broad range of associated tastes. Usually milky, chocolatey, caramel flavors come into play; but there’s a place for mild citrus tones here and there as well.

Following we’ll briefly go over a few notable recipes you might explore to improve brewing altogether. You may be surprised at how simple it is to make a unique cup of coffee that’s absolutely delicious.


  1. Cold Coffee
    You can ice your coffee or make it a cold brew. There are a few different ways to go about chilling your caffeinated delight. If you just add ice cubes until the drink is cool and refreshing, it may well be delicious, but it’s not going to be as good as a “cold brew”. Iced coffee is “burnt” from the machine. Cold brew steeps overnight.

The result is, cold brews are more smooth, and actually tend to have a greater caffeine quotient. The downside is, you need to brew batches in advance; it takes hours to steep, so you can’t make a cup of cold brew in the morning. However, you can make a batch the night before and wake up with it. Here are some cold brew recipes to explore. They’re quite simple.

Life Hacks: Recipes For Improving Your Brewing

  1. Coffee Iced And Cubed
    Something else you could do, with regularly brewed coffee or cold brew, is make coffee ice cubes. This post is being written in the middle of July. It’s hot out. What better way to get enervated and stay cool than coffee ice cubes?

You can put them into mixed drinks incorporating things like Amaretto or Kahlua if you like for a deliciously intoxicating energy boost.

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3. Bulletproof Coffee: Metabolic Energy
If you need to have your wits about you, you’re not interested in drinking a thousand cups of coffee, and you do like a little bit of that “creamy back” that comes with half-and-half, but you’re trying to lose weight, you might look into bulletproof coffee. Essentially, a pad of butter or coconut oil—or both—are mixed in with each cup.

The result is a brew that metabolically stimulates you with a double-dose of energy. Butter and other such compounds act as energy for the body. Mixing them with coffee compounds their energetic properties. Good Fika online offers a few excellent pointers on a variety of coffee recipes, and can help you get brews like bulletproof coffee honed to perfection.

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  1. Heavy Whipping Cream: Heartland Delight
    In the midwest and west of America’s heartland, a favorite involves not just cream, but liquified heavy whipping cream. You can pick it up in one quart increments at virtually any grocery store.

Essentially, this product is usually whipped up like what you buy in the can; but it starts out liquid. Well, you can use it just like a creamer, and it’s delicious. Add enough to fit taste.

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5. Going All Out With All The Sweets You Can
Speaking of fitting your taste, some people love coffee beverages, but they don’t like the
actual taste of plain old coffee. Rather, they like how it cuts through over-sweet confections. A massive dollop of caramel is nicely cut by a good cup of coffee.

Well, why not go all out? Put in the heavy whipping cream, the caramel, the chocolate, the cinnamon, and the frothed cream. Maybe add a cherry on top. Or, make a “cold brew” batch that you then mix in a blender with ice and similar such sweet ingredients for maximum energy, maximum flavor, and maximum refreshment.

The coffee shops tend to get it wrong anyway; you know what you like. Play around, experiment, and find what works best simply by exploration.


Your Perfect Cup Of Coffee
Expanding coffee intake actually increases your rate of metabolism by several percentage points. What does that mean? Well, if you drink enough coffee, you can put whatever you want in it; it will all even out. Ideally. Realistically, well, that’s probably not quite the case.

Still, going all out with sweets, heavy whipping cream, bulletproof coffee, coffee ice cubes, and other cold brew solutions all represent some fine caffeinated recipes for your morning routine. Whether you prep the night before or are really all about that daily morning ritual, finding the perfect mix is the thing to do.