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Tips To Extend the Life of Your Ballroom Latin Dress


Ballroom dance costumes are usually expensive, and, if you’re looking for ballroom Latin dress , you’re stepping into a more exquisite territory. These dance dresses are not just stellar in pricing but striking in their look and quality too.

Most ballroom Latin costumes are made from super-fine exotic materials that require special care, unlike other clothing items. Keeping in mind the quality and price in mind, you must learn the tips to maintain your dance costumes in their best conditions.

Tip 1: Follow the manufacturer instructions

You must abide by the manufacturer advice and guidelines to maintain the hygiene and freshness of your ballroom dresses. Follow the washing techniques provided by the manufacturers as they know the best about your costumes.

One of the ideal ways is by hand washing your dress as it gets the job better than a washing machine. After all, you know how to handle delicate clothing better than a machine does! Always use cold water and liquid detergent that is gentle on the cloth. Never use detergents as it erodes the precise linings of your costume.

Tip 2: You must use proper drying condition

Always use a hanger to hold your ballroom Latin dress to prevent creases. Try not to expose your delicate dress to direct sunlight. Make sure you apply a dark cover to cover your costume instead of using a transparent cover. This will prevent fading of colour.

You must also keep in mind that damp conditions result in moulds formation. To avoid such a situation, unfasten the zipper a bit to allow airflow into the dress.

Tip 3: Master the art of ironing

This is the trickiest part as synthetic fabrics are too susceptible to burning under the slightest heat. Try to avoid direct heat as much as possible. Always use a moderate to cool temperature bracket. It is best to use a soft cloth as a pad while ironing ballroom dresses .

You can also stream iron your dresses from reputed laundries that specialise in handling ballroom costumes.

Tip 4: Take extra care while storing

Storing a ballroom dress is as crucial as other maintenance procedures. Never keep a ballroom costume in a cabinet without the cover. Keeping your outfit hanging for days without covering brings back moistness which you so hardly tried to get rid of. Speaking of this, follow the same process of drying. Unfasten the zip slightly to allow air exchange but not enough that the dampness creeps in. Use only padded hangers while storing.

Tip 5: Try to avoid frequent changing of ballroom costumes

Try not to change your outfits frequently after each occasion. As this clothing has delicate fabric, it gets out of shape quickly. If you’re thinking of wearing a ballroom Latin dress at an event, continue wearing it for 1 or 2 more days. Managing multiple ballroom costumes at once is difficult. Moreover, you’d be always equipped with a fresh set of dress every time in case the other one’s not in perfect condition.

You must worry about keeping your ballroom dress in proper shape after investing enough money and time on it. However, if you take note of the mentioned tips, then there's a good chance it'll add years to your favourite ballroom costume.