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Aisha Adele

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Tips To Make Funeral Planning Easier


Death is an emotional process which is why many bereaved families find it hard to make smart decisions and choices when planning the funeral. No matter how we shrug the issue off, death will soon come to all of us at different times. Some people think that planning their own funeral in advance is like having a death wish; however, some find it practical since it helps your loved ones make quicker decisions if they know what you really want. Whether you’re planning for your own funeral or a loved one, here are some tips to guide you through the process.

Tips To Make Funeral Planning Easier

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Know What Is Involved

A funeral typically has three parts: the preparation of the body, the ceremony, and interment. There are so many options for each step with its pros and cons. Do you want cremation or just embalming? Where do you want to hold the service? You can actually do it at the funeral chapel, at the graveside, at your home, or at any location as long as it’s appropriate. You can choose either you want to hold a viewing ceremony or not. You can also pick where the final resting place is. To help guide you about the decisions you need to make, you can ask for help from funeral directors Melbourne.

Plan but Don’t Pay In Advance

There are plenty of prepaid plans offered by funeral homes. However, experts don’t recommend getting a prepaid funeral plan for you or even a loved one. You never know if you’ll be moving out to another state or country later on and you can’t take your prepaid plan with you. However, there are cases where availing a prepaid plan is a wise move – when you’re facing a health issue that will soon take you to the deathbed.

Shop Around

Ask around different funeral homes about the prices of their services so you have an idea which one suits your budget. Most of them are reluctant to give prices online or through email, however, they are required to reveal prices when customers ask them personally or through a call. From the casket to the ceremony, know the average costs of every detail to have an insight into how much money you’ll need.

Ask For an Itemized List

When you’re availing a package deal, it is best to ask for the itemized list of the specifics included in the deal. You can actually cross out something off from a package list if you think you don’t need it. By doing so, you can actually save a fraction of the funeral cost.

Write It Down

You don’t need to pay upfront when planning your funeral. Actually, you can simply write down your plan – the specifics and your preferences – to help those left behind in organizing it when the time comes. Although it might not go the same as what you have in mind, at least you have saved them from the guilt of thinking that they haven’t fulfilled your wishes.

Planning a funeral is easy when you know what to do. Follow these steps for more convenient planning.