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Dr. Supreena Narayanan

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What are the 37 questions to ask while visiting homes?


This article is a comprehensive list, but there aren't any questions that apply to all situations. If, for instance, you're looking to purchase a single-family house, the condominium-related questions don't need to be addressed. But this list of things to inquire about when visiting a place can give you a good starting point to make informed decisions about purchasing your first home.

What are the 37 questions to ask while visiting homes?

  1. What is the motivation behind the sale? How long have the sellers been there?
  2. For how long has this property been listed?
  3. What's the vibe of the neighborhood?
  4. What year was the construction of the house?
  5. What are the tax rates related to the home?
  6. Are there any new homeowners association or condo costs?
  7. What are the typical charges for utilities?
  8. Are there any major repairs made to the property? If yes, do you know if an insurance policy covered the repair?
  9. Do you have any boundary disputes with neighbors?
  10. Are there roads that are shared or have communal spaces?
  11. Do you have any rights-of-way public ways running through - or through the property?
  12. What is the age of virtual devices and equipment?
  13. Do the items you want to purchase come with the price?
  14. What is the sale history of this property, and what would that impact my offer?
  15. Do you have enough storage space? Space to expand?
  16. Are there any signs of water damage? Do you notice damp basement floors, drywall, or open leaks? Do you smell the odor of mildew? Perhaps there is a scent of paint that could be a cover-up for an issue with water?
  17. Are the walls solid and sturdy? Examine for cracks, and look for indications of damages, which are covered by wallpaper that does not look like it should or paint, placed over filler.
  18. Does the chimney appear to be in good shape?
  19. Are the windows working? Are they in good condition? Require replacement?
  20. Are the windows on the ground floor having latches that work to lock the windows?
  21. Are the attics well-insulated? If so, what date did the insulation go in?
  22. Are there soundproofing options in the home? (Try watching the house at different times to detect the noise of traffic or your neighbors.)
  23. Are there functioning smoke alarms as well as carbon monoxide detectors?
  24. Is there good cell phone reception indoors? How is broadband connectivity in the region?
  25. What kind of system is that used to heat and cool the home?
  26. See the circuit box. Does the wiring appear to be the current date?
  27. What is the state of the electrical outlets and switches? (You could bring something to connect to try outlets.)
  28. Are all lights function? If not, then why?
  29. Do you own any lead pipes? Do you have any concerns with lines that need repair?
  30. What type of drain system will your property have? Is it connected to the city sewer system, or is it a Septic tank?
  31. Do you have asbestos within the property, or has there ever been an asbestos survey done?
  32. What kind of roof does this home have? When was the last time it was replaced, and what is its present condition?
  33. Do you notice any leaks in the gutter? Have the gutters been cleaned, or do they require repair?
  34. Are there any trees around the building within 15 yards? Do you know if there are roots that could cause an issue?
  35. Which direction does your yard face? And is there a portion of the yard that isn't getting sunlight during the day?
  36. Does the real estate agent take over the house? If not, what is the reason?
  37. What's the cheapest cost you feel we can put on this property and still complete the sale?

It is possible to ask these questions when you are buying an apartment - or other property depending on the situation - to determine your probable total costs to purchase this property. Then, when you know all of the costs involved, you'll be able to offer an offer that you can afford.

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Eleven questions to ask before making an offer and closing the home you are considering.

Real estate agents offer offers every day on homes. Their task is to help you select the best deal and protect you from any possible risks associated with the purchase.

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  1. What is the process for negotiating an offer? How do we contact the seller's agent or with the seller's?
  2. What are the most critical contingencies you would recommend to include in your offer?
  3. How much of the earnest money must be included in the deal?
  4. When should we offer the money to earn?
  5. When should we expect to hear directly from our seller?
  6. If we get an offer to counter, at what point do we need to respond?
  7. How do we do it? Digital? In-person?
  8. If the acceptance of the offer, what is the next step?
  9. How far is the possible deadline for closing a deal from the date of acceptance? Offer?
  10. What next steps should we take when the offer is accepted?
  11. What can we do to prepare for the end of the day?

The real estate agent you are dealing with will do their best to make your buying of your first home as easy as they can. However, if they don't give this information in advance, be sure to inquire.

It would help if you outlined the questions you'd like to be asking when you are buying a house. This list could include any questions listed here or others that reflect your individual preferences and worries. The answers to these questions can ease your mind and let you know what you can expect to encounter at every step of the home buying process. Doing your homework is acceptable; however, don't avoid asking your mortgage broker, real estate agent, and title company. If you have enough data, you will make the right choice when buying your first home.