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What is PKI and Its Real Implementation with an Example


The definition of PKI or Public Key Infrastructure and what is the use of PKI? These are the essential questions that should be addressed to move forward. So, let’s begin! PKI is a framework, which is utilized for the implementation of public key encryption and digital signature in any IT ecosystem.

What is PKI and Its Real Implementation with an Example

It lets users intelligently manage keys and certificates to establish a secured network across the applications. Thus, in today’s world, the significance of public key cryptography can never be overlooked, as it helps us secure our data, network, users and business. The world of technology has been evolving as fast as a speeding comet. Be it any place in the world, data from one place to another can be transmitted within a fraction of seconds.

But, what if it is tampered during its transmission? Yes! It can bring devastating results for any organization, group or individual. It’s why data encryption or data security comes into the limelight.

Well! PKI is certainly a blessing in this scenario, which ensures that the respective data is accessed only by its legitimate users and strengthens the communication. Let’s understand it in detail and know the concept of public key and private key. Well! In the event that we talk about public keys, they are used for encrypting data. They can't decrypt the data. So as to decode information, we utilize private keys. These asymmetric keys are made by certificate authorities that deal with the trees of keys from the reliable sources.

So, for the implementation of PKI, one needs to associate with a legitimate certificate authority for the formation of certificate tree. Starting with the root authentication, which is considered verified, a progression of new declarations are made under it per the chain of importance. These security certificates are issued to different clients, machines for establishing a secured network. Proceeding onward, by circulating the certificates issued by the same certificate authority across the gadgets, we build a secured network.

Real Scenario of PKI

For establishing correspondence in a protected environment, the users or gadgets need to exchange public keys. For example, in the event that party 'X" and party 'Y' are setting up a secured correspondence, at that point they have to exchange their public keys with one another. Later, these public keys will be utilized to encrypt their messages, which will be sent to one another. After getting the encrypted data, it can be decrypted through the private key associated with the public key used to encrypt the data. Sharing data through this method is incredibly simple and furnishes you with harden security. Hence, regardless of whether a message is intercepted during its transmission, it can never be meaningful for the hacker owing to its security mechanism.

If you have not implemented PKI into your IT system, it is a right time to implement PKI solutions. Securing your data is a first step to accelerate the progress of your venture; and that is extremely helpful from the viewpoint of online marketing too. Be prepared and be ready instead of being sorry later. Take a step to secure your IT today.