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Daniel J Breunig

diamond jewellery | Posted 19 Nov, 2019 |

What are some good Valentine's Day gifts for women?

Harshika Singh

blogger | Posted 17 Feb, 2020

I think one should give his full attention and time i.e, you just be with her without phone , no office disscussion  only beautiful and romantic discussion.

Amrin Ved

Student | Posted 17 Feb, 2020

I am very conscious when it comes to Valentine's Day Gifts for her as it is a very special day which occurs only once in a year and I want to get the best for her every valentine's day so this year, a relative of mine suggested personalised wallets for her and I thought it was a good idea as I know she loves personalised things, as in her initials on a keychain or phone cover.etc. So I went ahead with the same idea and got it for her and trust me she was very surprised and happy. It gave me immense pleasure to know that she loved her gift. Sometimes it is not just about the price you pay for it and expect for the feelings in return, it is about the happiness on the face of your loved one that you can cherish for the whole life. I have made it a point to get personalised gifts for her every Valentine's Day, I would personally recommend it too if your partner is into personalisation/customisation of daily usage things. 

Dennis Thomas

Dennis Thomas | Posted 19 Nov, 2019

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