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Vanisha Anand

CONTENT WRITER | Posted on | science-technology

what are some latest trends in software development in last 2 years?


Student | Posted on

With time, there is a huge change in software development and in this pandemic situation i.e. in last 2 years software development has evolved and has many drastic changes which is more advanced and beneficial. If we give a look at the software development, we can observe that many software trends have added up. Let us look at some interesting trends in software development.




  • Growth of AI: Artificial Intelligence is such an interesting technology that nobody could ever imagine. It helps machines to run like a human. Growth of AI can be seen in all software development companies. It has been observed in the past few years that company using AI technology has grown faster compared to others.
  • Cloud: Just like AI, Cloud services also helped the industries in its growth in this pandemic situation. Cloud is essential both for up-scaling and down-scaling. Now, agricultural sectors, banking are planning to use cloud technology.
  • Rapid Development of Application: Rapid Application Development is nothing but developing prototypes rapidly just to test new features and functions without thinking of the end result. This trend is something very new but its very hard to afford this technology in every company.
  • Rapid Growth of IoT: IoT has been used from a long time but in the past few years it became very familiar to us. About 14 billion gadgets has IoT. In businesses, IoT has played a major role and companies has grown individually with IoT. Thus, its an effective trend of software development.
  • Blockchain: Blockchain Technology has now become one of the secured and stable form of technology. Many industries are now planning to implement blockchain because of its stability. Beyond, cryptocurrency blockchain will now be used in digital markets.


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The role of software developers is changing rapidly for the better. We are now able to test our work, code and collaborate in seconds leading to a more efficient and streamlined process. This has transformed software development into a highly competitive market in which the younger generation can break into the industry with ease. Software developers have been quick to adapt, resulting in some interesting new trends emerging over recent years that would have been unheard of just 2 or 3 years ago. Software developers have also embraced new technologies such as machine learning and virtual reality in order to enhance their skillsets while also improving end-user experiences.



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The new reality of software commands that computer programming pioneers should survey their 2022 suspicions and make arrangements to modernize their team, practices, and devices to address the 4 center mainstays of their programming:


Engineer insight:

expecting to decrease specialized intricacy so that teams can advance quickly.

Software work process automation: eliminating grinding and handovers among all stages and instruments from the various phases of the advancement lifecycle are incorporated comprehensively.

Security and consistency: engineers shift left all that can be tried during improvement, and right all that is better tried later, making it simpler for designers to compose secure code.

Organization and tasks: zeroing in on client reception to improve servicing unwavering quality and execution.


In view of these support points, we foresee 7 software development trends that will be key in 2022 and that programming chiefs ought to consider to modernize their dev groups, practices, and tools and accomplish their business objectives:


  • DevSecOps
  • API-based Integrations
  • Low-code for Pros
  • Cloud-Native Platforms
  • DesignOps
  • Global Observability
  • PWA-First

These trends will transform the software development world as we know it today. To evolve, companies have to consider these trends and build software that matches with the best practices and benchmarks of today.


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