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What are the different ways to conduct urine test?


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There are three different ways to examine urine, and your test may utilize every one of them.
One is a visual exam, which checks the shading and clearness. On the off chance that your ***** has blood in it, it may be red or dim dark colored. Froth can be an indication of kidney sickness, while shady urine may mean you have a contamination.
A minute exam that checks for things too little to be seen. A portion of the things that shouldn't be in your urine that a magnifying lens can discover include:
• Red and White blood cells.
• Bacteria
• Crystals (bunches of minerals – a conceivable indication of kidney stones)
The third segment of the urine test is the dipstick test, which utilizes a thin plastic ***** treated with synthetic concoctions. It's plunged into your urine, and the synthetic concoctions on the stick respond and change shading if levels are above typical. Things the dipstick test can check for include:
Acidity, or pH. On the off chance that the corrosive is above typical, you could have kidney stones, a urinary tract disease (UTI) or another condition.

  • White blood cells -These are an indication of contamination.
  • Protein - This can be a sign your kidneys are not working right. Kidneys sift squander items through of your blood, and your body needs protein.
  • Glucose - High sugar content is a marker for diabetes.
  • Blood in your urine - Now and again this is an indication of diseases or certain illnesses.
  • Bilirubin – If in case this waste item, or, in other words by your liver, shows up, it might mean your liver isn't working appropriately.


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