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dhruv parmar

Student | Posted 08 Nov, 2018 |

What are The Effect of Video games on Student Achievement

Shiwani Kumar

Writer | Posted 11 Nov, 2018

Nowadays kids are gaining more prevalence over video games. Video games have not only created sensation in teenagers but every age group. It’s actually a good way to pass your time but in due course of time video games has gained both positive and negative impact on the student.

It can be seen from the researches that student who play video games have sharp mind and good ability to grab things easier. They are quite active and understand the situations easily. Because of video games they know the tricks to handle and escape.
But somewhere we know that video games have several negative impacts on students as they get addicted to it and ignore their studies, which eventually results in bad marks. They get trapped into games and affect their eyes badly as the rays coming from laptop and computers damages their eyes. Beside it have several bad effects.
Thus, video games plays huge role in student’s achievement as in one side it gives a sharper mind and smarter attitude. But on the other hand it keeps addicted which lessen the student achievement gradually.