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Amira Qadir

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What are the must haves of an effective presentation?


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An effective presentation, basically involves the ability of the presenter, rather than the presentation slides. Its the combination of the skills of the presenter and the technology which would create a good presentation.

Below are few good points of presentation:

Before listing the points, I would divide it into technical and Verbal skill (presentation and the presenter)

1. Talking about the technical part of the presentation

a. Ability to skillfully use the various features of the powerpoint, refraining from using features which would distort the message to be conveyed.

b. Smooth link from one slide to another. To achieve this, a written compilation would help him to arrange the flow of the presentation.

c. Good language skill, which requires him to use his communication in brevity. A word of caution - Lot of words in a slide would put the audience off. Use of minimum and approriate words would enable the presenter to talk about his subject and notably can make a presentation interactive, thus he would not only be able to grab the attention of the audience but also sustain it.

d. Technical skills is very essential while handling presentation, so that he can handle any untoward technical glitzes 

The presenter:

a.It is very important to note that the presenter should be clear about his objective of the presentation and the outcome that he has to achieve.

a. The presenter should have good communication skill, a good language skill to articulate words and sentences and the ability tojudge the audience level and needs, 

b. He should be a person whose body language is formal, confident, good listener apart from oratory skill and approachable.

c. He should have a strong hold on the subject that he is presenting to enable him to tackle any challenges. He should be able to judge the audience interest and mould the presentation to excellence thus achieving his outcome.

To conclude i would say the presenter is more important than the presentation. There can be technical glitzes but a smart presenter would overcome it by his ability.


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