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Vikas joshi

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What are the qualities of a good mentor?


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It depends on what qualities you are looking for in a mentor and for what aspect of your personality you need guidance. There are some characteristics, however, that are needed in every mentor, regardless of the field of mentorship.

When you are looking for a mentor for yourself, first thing that you should consider is patience. A person who is to guide you in your achievements and failures and is to deal with all your stupidities and weaknesses should be patient enough to accept your flaws and help you work on it steadily.

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The second quality that you should look for in a mentor is the person’s way to teach you things. You should know that the one who does your share of work is not a true mentor. He can’t even be a true teacher. A true mentor is the one who motivates you and makes you do your work on your own. A true mentor guides you and backs you at every step but never takes a step for you.

Another thing that is inevitable to be in a mentor is friendliness. Know that a mentor is someone beyond a teacher. The person who is to be your mentor should be a fine amalgamation of a learning source and an emotional support. He or she should understand that he has to teach you a certain thing keeping in mind your personal problems, restrictions and limitations you are facing in life, and more importantly how mentally and emotionally strong or weak you are.

Apart from these important qualities and characteristics, a mentor should be responsible, very open-minded in his or her approach towards things, and have a pleasant personality.  


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