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Naresh Dhewa

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What are the reasons behind NIT Delhi being the worst NIT?


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NIT Delhi isn't even 10 years old. Its one of the new NIT's and like each player in this diversion it needs to begin from zero. It has its very own issues however with each new clump that sets foot over this grounds things shows signs of improvement.

I am not saying its the best grounds and the world is here ;) however it's endurable. Best case scenario I would state it is terrible, however, things will enhance with time. What's more, to be straightforward no one comes to NIT Delhi from their choice(at least now they don't).

I have heard stories and I have met understudies from other new NIT's and trust me even there isn't much to feel better.

Logic aside, now some specialized points of interest:

Positioning variables utilize factors like resources examine work, situation, grounds, infra, no of changeless Prof. and so on. These components are the place we are scoring low.


No lasting campus(Yes were are living udhaar ki zindagi!!) which implies:

no space/point in purchasing overwhelming lab supplies.

Additionally, it implies educators don't get a comfortable 3 BHK to live. That prompts fewer quality teachers moving toward our Institute.

Foundation Authorities properly believe that there is no reason for giving lasting occupation to doltish instructors as they will get great Prof's once their grounds is ready(..even god doesn't know when). This causes low changeless instructors proportion. And every one of these variables influences our positioning.

One critical declaration:

In the event that you figure you will get the opportunity to see changeless grounds in your four years of building here, you won't. So kindly don't accompany this expectation.


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