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What are the types of yoga?


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Hatha Yoga

Hatha signifies the sun, while Tha means the moon. The six shatkarmas and asana are both part of the Hatha Yoga method (physical and mental detox techniques). Higher states of consciousness and meditation result from subtler and subtler adjustments being made to the human nature.


Jnana Yoga

Tradition describes jnana yoga as a way to achieve the greatest level of meditative state and inner understanding. It is not a strategy we use to look for logical solutions to age-old problems. Instead, it is an aspect of meditation that promotes self-reflection and self-realization.


Bhakti Yoga

Bhakti is a kind of yoga that entails unwavering devotion. In general, this faith is in the existence of God or the supreme awareness in all of its forms. The emotional energy is flowing toward this thing. The practitioner gradually loses their sense of self and unites with the object of their religion.


Karma Yoga

While working, one loses their individuality; just unselfish labour is left. In this state, the labour becomes a spiritual act of worship to God, and the person likewise develops into an adept, skillful, and Yogi. He reaches mental clarity in every circumstance; he never feels upset, overjoyed, or content. He becomes divine, and what he does embodies God's will.



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Yoga is a different type of exercise. Yoge is orginated in India. It makes our mental and physical healthy.When we do yoga ,we feel our body is become flexible. Yoga is very benefical for every age of group.

There are many type of yoga. there are 8 major type of yoga.

1. Bikram yoga

2.Vinyasa yoga

3.Yin yoga

4.Kundalini yoga

5.Hatha yoga

6.Hot yoga

7.Lyengar yoga 

8. Yoga nidra 




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