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Vicky Vignesh

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What do you think about bottom up blinds??


Surgeon | Posted on

I think that they are one of the best kind of blinds that one could have in their homes, and there’s a reason I think so.


Apart from these blinds, all other types of blinds are either fully withdrawn, or drawn from the window, and don’t allow a middle ground. Venetian blinds are an exception, but I’d come to them as well. So with bottom up blinds, you get your desirable amount of light and view without having to draw or withdraw the blinds fully. It gives you a middle way.

Well, venetian blinds also give us an option of half-folding themselves vertically, but they are not very suitable when it comes to interior décor. At least they are not as suitable as bottom up blinds for bottom up blinds, allow you to have more fabric in your room to add to its beauty, while venetian blinds were usually of aluminum or wood.  

So keeping all this in mind, I find bottom up blinds as the best blinds option one can ever get.  


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