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Financial analyst (Mudra finance company) | Posted on | Share-Market-Finance

What do you think is the most pointless rule ever?


@letsuser | Posted on

My life partner and I had as of late purchased a loft in Chennai OMR. The house and our office were on the contrary sides of the OMR toll square and we needed to pay the toll each time we crossed it. Presently, since we were completing the insides in our new level, we needed to cross the toll in any event two times every day to visit the house, which effectively implied burning through 100 rs. consistently at the toll.

Normally, when we got the deal deed enrolled, we went on about applying for a toll pass, which comes to 100rs for an entire year (!!). We filled two structures, one for my vehicle and one for his vehicle. For getting the toll pass, required records are verification of habitation and service bills with your name alongside the vehicle papers (no notice of any wedding authentication).

That is the point at which I came to think about the most futile principle ever. My life partner's application was cheerfully gotten with an affirmation of getting the toll go inside 15 days. My application was rejected, in light of the fact that I had no wedding endorsement or generally no confirmation that I was hitched to the leader of the house(what???). My life partner was the alleged default leader of the house.

I should clarify that the house was enrolled in both our names. Each and every archive that was a pre-imperative, from deal deed to lodging credit to power card had my name on it, however they were insignificant. The main thing that made a difference was whether I was hitched or not. I had a go at contending that I'm the leader of the house as well on the off chance that you take a gander at all the papers, yet no, I wasn't hitched, so no toll go for me. Nobody approached my life partner for a wedding declaration.

Unfortunately, I couldn't make the staff see rationale. I needed to hang tight for 3 months, for the wedding service to be finished and for the pined for testament to land to get a toll pass. That toll court definitely owes me a ton of cash !


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