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Trishna Dhanda

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what does a red porch light mean?


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The term porch light refers to delivering some messages by showing some colored porch light. The red porch light represents some special occasions like Halloween, Valentines Day, etc. This color basically represents American Heart Health. In ancient times, people believed that red porch light means some have no guns in your home as part of the gun reform belief. It is believed that using red porch light means promoting a good heart health. All the colors of porch light means different and have own uses. Letsdiskuss


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Lights: Red, yellow, blue and many more

Have you ever seen a house with their red porch lights on? Well, not only red-colored porch lights but green and orange-colored porch lights are often visible in many houses. You must have wondered about the use of such colorful porch lights, right? Well, this content will answer you about what a red porch light means.

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Red porch light means:

1.A red porch light is often used as a way to spread awareness of women's heart disease. 'Illuminate your home red' is the campaign that an American Heart Association started by turning the red porch color light in every home for creating awareness about women's heart disease.

2.At night people prefer to turn the red porch lights at home and not white, yellow or blue porch lights. Because only red light has the largest wavelength and high stimulation of melatonin compared to the lights of other colors.

3.We often see lovers use red porch lights in February for decoration purposes on Valentine's day. So porch lights of red color have an importance in the celebration of love.

4.October is the month of Halloween. In this month, you must have noticed glowing red porch lights in almost every home. The main reason for using a red porch light is to give a scary look to the home on the event of halloween.

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An important point to remember:

It is a false fact that a home with red porch lights means the home is free of guns.

Red porch light: Nothing wrong to use

It is not wrong, rather required to support the use of red porch light even out the home. But yes, everyone has different reasons to use red porch lights. It can be for halloween or for spreading awareness of women's heart diseases or for any other above mentioned reasons.


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