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Satindra Chauhan

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What historical fashion trend makes you go 'huh'?


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Fashion always shows your personality. And this ear is all about fashion. But did you ever think about how designers design clothes and how they create something new every time? So the answer is simple they take inspiration from nature, culture, and history. Fashion never gone ends, most designers took inspiration from historical trends and recreate them with a fusion. But all the historical fashion trends are not too good. Some are very bad. Here, we are going to discuss some historical fashion trends that make you go ‘huh’ and we will suggest you don’t try them because they are not good enough. So, let’s get started.


Here are a historical fashion trend that makes you go 'huh'?

  • Corsets- Corsets were undergarments for Victoria women. It was laced so tight that it caused constipation, indigestion, fainting, and internal bleeding. So, this was the worst fashion ever that caused you near death.
  • High and Tight Collar- In the nineteenth-century high society men wears a high and tight collar. It is also known as the “father killer.” But these fashion trends often cut off blood supply to the brain. One of the worst fashion senses ever. It was dangerous to men’s health.

  • Footbinding- In the early 80ths Footbinding arrive. Chinese were obsessed with this fashion. Footbinding looks like tiny feet which were also known as lotus feet. Footbinding causes a fatal infection, which affects your feet for a lifetime. Your feet always look tinier.
  • Hair Wave Machine- The machine looks like a Sci-Fi Movie. In the 90ths, woken are obsessed with these waves. This gives a classy look but for this, you have sat under the hair wave for 10 hours. And that causes bald spots and also sometimes burn could be lethal. But still, women used this machine. This machine is good but does not have perfect features. We don’t think that beauty matters which causes to your health. So this machine is useless for us.
  • Chopines- It is a type of heels.  Chopines is not a normal heel it is the killer heel.  The heels are popular since the 16th It was fashionable but ii not comfortable at all. Many women are hurt by wearing these heels.



 As we above discuss the historical trends that make you ‘huh’. It is not just about looks but it is also about comfort. Whenever you wear something, it should be comfortable. So, we will suggest that never try to repeat this trend because they were the worst. Now, we are going to end this article. Hope you like reading this article about What historical fashion trend makes you go 'huh'


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