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Tharun Berchamans

Chief Administrative Officer at Legrand India | Posted on | Science-Technology

What if we could hack the universe?


WordPress Developer | Posted on


Maybe you are still unaware.. we are hacking the universe for quite some time now, or atleast cracking it.

Hacking the universe is a large part of unfolding the mysteries behind everything. And we, as a naturally curious being, are always trying to find a way to disrupt the universal balance by trying to crack its code.

Some of the major hacks that you might haven't noticed yet are:

1. Space travel: Living things were not supposed to be able to stay living in the space but we rigged ourselves with some mechanical supplies and hacked the universe by changing its laws.

2. Life and Death: From the murdering of people to the creation of clones, we are always trying to to disrupt the natural cycle of universe and life.

3. Evolution: There is no other species in the known universe that may have evolved atleast a tenth part of the human evolution. So we have already hacked the universe all over, that too years ago, at the time if survival.

Universe hacking had been an integral part of this whole phenomenon of ***** sapien evolution. So go and try to hack the universe today itself. Good luck...


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