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parvin singh

Army constable | Posted | others

What incidents in India have brought true national shame?


Army constable | Posted

We can check a huge number of episodes whom we can say involves public disgrace.

1 Few thousand British come to India and inside a time of seventy years they were administering entire India from 6,000 miles away with no immense carnage. How is it conceivable that a nation multiple times bigger than Britain can lose it's character so without any problem.

Reason . We Indian are not Indian'.We are Hindu Muslim Sikh maratha Bengali but rather not Indian.


2. Date 23march1931 britishers had hanged three public legends, yet on 24 March we have shared battle in Kanpur in which we killed extraordinary GANESH SHANKAR VIDHARTHI. This is a disgrace for my nation. Kya aise Bharat ke liye Bhagat Singh, Rajguru aur Sukhdev ne apni Jaan di thi.


Reason we are not Indian we are Hindu and Muslim


3 Britain had grabbed post of khaliph however Muslims in India didn't slaughter any britisher yet killed a large number of guiltless Hindu.


Reason Indian muslims were not Indian but rather just Muslim


4 we get freedom in 1947, practically same time south Korea gets his autonomy. Japan, Germany and Italy were completely decimated. China was more poor than us. Be that as it may, in 2020, every one of these countries are much in front of us as far as improvement and per capita pay. This should involve disgrace for us


Reason we can't make a framework which can give us capacity to contend the world.


5 we are living in 2020 yet we have issues of flood and consistently a great many individuals are slaughtered by flood. This involves public disgrace.


Reason our ideological groups are not prepared to satisfy their obligations.


6 we are gloating about imported Rafale, yet can not create innovation who can construct fly like Rafael in our nation. This involves public disgrace exceptionally who is autonomous from 73 years.


Reason our administration is overlooking intensity of innovative work.







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