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What is affection?


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Affection is the feeling of being loved or cared for by someone. Someone close to heart or person who is fond of liking. Everyone on the earth whether human or animals crave love and affection. A relationship works when both feel good about each other. Dwelling a feeling of likeness for someone ignites kindness in the heart. This kindness is essential to retain humanity on earth. 

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Many of us show affection in three simple ways
Verbal language-
 It includes saying affectionate words like 
I care for you
You are so talented 
You can do it
You are the strongest 
These small compliments change the whole perspective of the other person. Remember, it's all about small stuff and emotions. 

2. Non- Verbal language-
It includes body massage, helping in household chores, giving gifts, dates, long rides, small trips, small perk on forehead/ lips, and cuddling. These signs show a feeling of affection for loved ones. 

3. Telepathy-
 Have you ever murmur a song that a person next to you was singing. If yes, it's called telepathy. These are thoughts that other people transfer in the human mind. It could be singing a song, thinking about someone, like or hate. Telepathy drifts away from the feeling of affection or jealousy for someone without direct communication.


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