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Kanwar Raj Meghwal

@letsuser | Posted on | Education

What is college life like in India?


BBA in mass communication | Posted on

India is well known in the world for the kind of education it offers. No matter how many breaches and failures do we face with respect to our education system, the college or University life here are the best 3-5 years of your life.

Let’s start from the fact that we have IITs, IIMs, DU, JNU, Jadavpur University and AMU `in India. All these universities have huge and dream-like campuses. If you are opting for hostel in any of these universities, you are in for the most exciting years of your life.

First of all, the culture which you get in the colleges of India –half intellectual and half cool, is nowhere to be found. Here, days are for boring lectures, but the real college life starts after 4, when you discuss politics, sports, entertainment, and sometimes academics too at the nearest tea stall in the campus.


Night, in these Indian universities, are like a dream, and they are not meant to sleep but to explore with open eyes. IIT Delhi’s campus is the most beautiful what we call in Urdu, Mehfil, you can get in India. With street play society practicing in pitch high voices, and the students making merry in their own ways beneath the street lights is a scene worth witnessing.

One major perk in all these universities is the libraries they have. They are no less than a treasure house for bibliophiles, and some of them remain open till late night.

Now comes the most exciting part, the fests. Fest season is the most amazing season in Indian colleges. Here students get to showcase their talent on bigger platforms, they win exciting prizes, and the major part, and they get to have a celebrity performance. Which celebrity is coming in which college of DU has always been the hot topic in the season of fests. IIT’s fest Rendezvous, a bohemian getaway, is one of the most popular fests among Indian colleges.

College life in India is just not only about studying and it still gives us a fairly good education. One thing is clear, once you enter one of any Indian universities, you will have a hard time leaving it.


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