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What is difference between Korean age and International age?


digital marketer | Posted

What is the Korean age system? What is the distinction between Korean age and American age (International Age or Western Age)?

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1) In Korea, you're born one (1) years of age.

While Westerners recall new child toddlers to be ‘zero’ years antique upon start, local Koreans truly calculate the time babies spend in their mother’s womb as a ‘12 months’ (although, technically, it's far 10 months, they spherical it as much as 365 days), so while infants are born in Korea, they may be taken into consideration to be 한 살(han sal)=”365 days vintage”. This robotically provides 12 months to the age that you'll be used to. So while someone in Korea tells you, for example, that they're 스무 살(seumu sal)=“twenty years antique”, they'll truly be 열여덟 살(yeol yeodeol sal)=”18 years antique” or 열아홉 살(yeolahop sal)=”19 years old”. 

2) In Korea, you growth your age count on January 1st of every year, now not on your birthday.

Now, why might a native Korean upload years to their ‘Western age,’ you could wonder. This is due to the fact Koreans automatically gain a year on January 1st, irrespective of whether their birthday has passed or no longer.

In short : International Age measures how long you've got lived.
                  Korean Age measures how many years you have got experienced.


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