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What is Google Universal Apps ?


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If you are an app developer or blogger or a YouTube channel owner, you must have definitely known about Google Adworks. Google Universal App Campaign is also like Adworks. Google's UAC as it is called (Universal App campaign), is a Google marketing tool, which will promote your Apps for downloading, increase viewership for your You tube channels or your blogger's site.

Every internet creator knows how difficult it used to be to create an App install campaign for their Apps and sites. Earlier the app developer had to create App install campaign with keywords, and texts and link that campaign their pages. And they created different campaigns for different platforms like YouTube, Google play, or search engines.

But now it is easy to promote their Apps using Google UAC. Because Google is helping you in increasing your app downloads.

Google Universal App Campaign will create ad campaign for you.

Google with the help of machine learning tool, will show the ads to those users who may download your apps.

And Google UAC will run your App install ad campaign in all their networks. That is, in single ad campaign, your ads will be shown in YouTube channels, Google play and search Engines.

It is wise to change to Google UAC to increase our Apps downloads.



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