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What is I-O 2018 ? Please explain the benefits of it


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Google I/O is an annual developer's  conference/meet,  usually held at Google's headquarter in Mountain view, California during May- June.  I/O stands for input/output. First it was convened in 2008.

This year the developers festival was held between 8th and 10th May presided over by CEO of Google, Mr. Sundar Pichai. The I/O brings together developers from all over the world for talks, for sharing new findings, learning with Google experts, and showcase the new Google products.

In this conference, invitees can have spaces to learn, to play, to explore and can interact with demos. They can experience and lay their hands on the latest Google products. There are Google code labs, where they can have coding experience. Google experts will answer their technical questions, one-on-one basis. During evenings guests can enjoy food and drinks with entertainments on the Shoreline.

Now let us see some important announcements that were made at I/O 2018 :-

In I/O 2018, Android P the next version of Android was introduced. From August 2018, you can download the free version of Android P. So for it works with Sony, Google, Vivo, Nokia, OnePlus ,Xiomi, Oppo, phones.

The next big thing that was introduced in I/O 2018 is 6 more version of Google voice assistant. Users can pick from additional 6 natural sounding voice assistants apart from original one.

Google is now introducing a new In I/O 2018, Android P to show its supremacy in the cut throat war with Amazon. Here if you ask your voice assistant about something, it will show you the answer in display along with voice. This will be introduced in later this year.

Google's CEO Mr. Sundar Pichai announced the rebranding of Google's research division as Google AI

There were so many new features related to coding and developers were announced by Mr. Sundar Pichai.


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