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Posted 25 Mar, 2019 |

What is Importance of Good Health

Bella X

https://belledonna.co/ | Posted 04 May, 2019

Our HEALTH is golden to us without having a healthy life we cannot achieve what we want.  Some of us want to live until the rip old age beyond 80 but that really depends on how the state of our body system.  We have to know whether we are able to combat all the failure of our body systems.  This depends primarily on our lifestyle and choices we made when we were younger.  If one is a heavy drinker, smoker and abusing substances definitely he cannot expect much about being a healthy person because his poor decision indulging in these things.

STRESS management is important to sustain a HEALTHY life and another thing is being resilient to what difficulties we face in this century.


Priyal Verma

Student | Posted 25 Mar, 2019

It’s been a motto since ages that health is wealth and it is true. Having a healthy and fit body is a task in today’s world considering the kind of food options one gets so readily and at such cheap rates.So it’s really a matter of self control now

But being healthy is a concept that goes beyond physical aspects like it also includes one’s mental and emotional state of being.But,only a healthy body leads to a healthy mind. Being active is also a by product of a healthy body and it enables one to do the tasks in one’s life more efficiently. It enables one to do things with utmost enthusiasm since they feel fit. Being healthy also helps you keep diseases at bay and hence enables you to pursue your dreams and passion without any hindrance.In the end, a poor person with a healthy body is anyday happier than a rich man who is not healthy.

Siddhi Agarwal

@student | Posted 25 Mar, 2019

"Health Conscious", a term that is really popular these days among people of all age groups. People are seen working out daily, keeping strict diets and even rigid schedules. But what is the benefit of doing this. There are a lot of benefits that can be derived from having a good health:

# Reduced risk : A human is surrounded by multiple risks like heart attacks, organ failures, obesity etc. Being healthy ensures that you are far from these risks and you can live a fearless and tension free life.

# Protection against cancers: Cancers are one of the most feared diseases in the society these days. Following a good diet and maintaining a healthy life style helps you keep away from the paws of this deadly disease.

# Fight against obesity: Obesity, a problem of the society that causes a lot of diseases itself. It is really important to fight it. Only through regular exercise and constant efforts can this problem be fought. 

# Society Needs: It is an essential part of the societies these days to flaunt health of their citizens in various global indices. Also its a status of symbol for people as well. Therefore people tryb their best to fit in the society.

# Lifestyles: These days people have been following a stressful lifestyle. Excessive usage of cellphones, tiring schedules, Unhealthy eating patterns, desk jobs etc.make it essential for people to maintain healthy life in order to avoid petty diseases.

All of these benefits received from a healthy pattern of living have made it mandatory to follow them.