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What is it like to work in a call center in India?


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LetsdiskussBusiness Process Outsourcing commonly known as the bpo or call centers to India population serve as a backbone for huge volume of aspiring youth who are craving for a professional job in their early age. These call centers are the forefront of a new work culture and provide the generation newly found independence, confidence in one self and exposure to modern elements get to the much acclaimed fame.  

BPO culture got its boom in early 2000’s but the problem with indian mentality is that, it is hard to understand something dynamic and out of box. Work environment of an Indian Call Center totally depends upon the employee's company as most these firm are international and do provide a world class infrastructure, qualitative lifestyle and an accessible world which once considered only for graduates of IIT and IIm level.
Even with minimum level education i.e being graduates of any field or 10th, 10+2 big volume of Indian youth was able to seize good salary packages , with improvement in their language, most of people are able to earn 50k per month of package i.e clearly equal to an IAS officers salary. But this the problem with this industry is that itsa running one you need to be on top to work here and accept and spontaneity which means be ready to apply for next job as soon as you get a promotion. It multiple pros and cons this industry is indeed backbone for India corporate and is booming with each passage of year.
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