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Prashant Kumar

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What is it really like to work in the fashion industry?


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Fashion industry is no less than a magical town, a fairy tale come true. With all the glam of its own, fashion industry has become a world in itself. And it’s a world that knows no stopping. A new trend hits in before the old one really gets old. But everything that has a bright side, has a dark side too, and same is true with fashion industry. And as I said this is a world which never stops, you need to match your pace with the ongoing trends otherwise this industry will not think twice before leaving you behind for the sake of success.

From afar, being a part of fashion industry seems like a dream job and somewhat it is. After all, who doesn’t want to be in close acquaintance with popular designers, beautiful models, and who doesn’t want to travel the world exploring new fashion everywhere.


All these perks however, come with a cost. The job you would get in fashion industry will keep you very busy and occupied. During the events like fashion week, there is hue and cry everywhere and no excuse whatsoever, is listened to. Working in fashion industry is not just dreamy, but challenging too. And with the people of all kinds of moods and attitudes, the industry really tests your patience.
In fashion industry, you just can’t let your creativity rest even for a short while. You have to come up with new ideas almost every day. This leads to a lot of failures too which very quickly turn into disappointments.

Some things that define fashion industry:

• You need to be always updated with all fashion trends. In the time of globalization, your competition is international.
• Along with trend, you need to blend the preference of your customers.
• The day starts with new ideas and ends with them too.
• Your execution has to be as effective as your ideas.
• Risk is always there in this industry.
• Awareness and information are the most necessary tools.
• You always have to keep an eye on your competitors.
• You need to be very patient and hardworking with models.


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