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krishna priya

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What is Search engine optimization


Digital Marketer | Posted on

Search Engine Optimization is the process of getting your website more visible to the people searching on Google search engine result page. It is the free method of ranking your website on the top of Google SERP to gain organic traffic.

Generally, SEO is the only process to gain organic traffic which is the most essential type of website traffic that can rank your site faster.

SEO is an alternative of Google Adwords that usually works with money whereas SEO is free to rank your website.

Some factors of SEO are:

1. Mobile-friendliness

2. High load speed

3. User Experience

4. On-Page SEO

5. Backlinks

6. Technical SEO


Digital marketing traniee | Posted on

Search engine optimization is a process to optimize your website and contents to increase public traffic on that sites.

It contains both in page and off page optimization. In- page we have total control over but in off page we don't have direct control over.


Digital Marketing Company | Posted on

SEO stands for Search engine optimization, It is the most effective way for improving the rank on search engine result page. Through SEO you can get quality traffic and generate leads.

An SEO technique is the most effective technique through SEO you can get fastly high ranking in SERP.

SEO involves making certain changes to your website design. It improves your website quality.

SEO processes the organization, Through SEO you can improve the content that makes your site more attractive to a search engine.


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