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Abdul Fairose

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What is the average payscale for MBA grads from NUS?


Assistant professor ( Finance & Marketing) & Admission Councellor | Posted on

LetsdiskussNUS (National University of Singapore) is considered as one of the Top University in Singapore. It acts as an autonomous research university, which was founded in 1905.

If we talk about the ranking of this university then I’m glad to share that NUS stood 1st in Singapore and 18th in the whole world ( Given by Forbes)

NUS programs are based on semester systems. so if you are looking for post graduate courses such as MBA ( Master of Business Administration) the teaching process includes the tutorial classes depending upon the batch size, and the courses are preferably on the credit system which many private institutions use in India itself. Credit system is quit easy to give the analysis over the different subjects according to the need and structure in the business environment. That means the result will be based on CGPA system. 

Let’s come to the pay scale of NUS for MBA course:-

NUS gross monthly salary of fresh graduates in permanent employment was S$3,659 in 2017 which comparatively rose from S$3,527  IN 2016 upto 3.7%.

As you can see above the Median gross monthly salary of fresh graduates in full time was S$ 3,500 in 2017 as compared to S$3,400 in 2016.

So if you are looking forward for taking admission in NUS you can defiantly look for a bright future with great opportunity in your field of education.


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