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What is the best part of the movie Wolverine?


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The Wolverine is a film released in 2013 featuring Hugh Jackman. It is a superhero film and is based on a Marvel comic character named Wolverine. The film is directed by James Mangold and produced by Lauren Shuler Donner. It has got a rating of 6.7 by the critics and is loved for its outstanding screenplay, Jackman’s brilliant performance. Hugh Jackman was perfect for the character which is seen in the film and his love for the character was visible through his acting skills. His dedication to the acting made the film attain another level and it’s one of the best parts of this film. Well, one may get confused about how many parts of the wolverine movie are present. There are three films namely “X-Men Origins: Wolverine”, “The Wolverine” and “Logan”. The top wolverine movie is “Logan".

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The Wolverine movie- Logan is considered one of the best superhero movies ever made now. The cinematography was so good and overall the film was so fabulous that one may get confused at the end whether it was a comic movie or not. In Logan, Hugh Jackman’s acting was unforgettable and maybe it’s one of the greatest achievements of his acting career. The film is considered as a family drama, action thriller with a superhero story along with it. One of the big reasons behind the success of this film is the unique and wonderful

script. Besides having action scenes the film contains very emotional and touchable moments which steals the heart of the audience.


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