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Amayra Badoni

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What is the “Buddhist Mentality” and how is it making the Chinese youth to give up on success in life?


News reporter (CEN News ) | Posted on

Buddhist Mentality”, as it is popularly known now, is not only corrupting the minds of the Chinese Youth but also becoming a global trend.

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Also known as the “Buddhist Concept”, this mentality refers to the “I’m easy” attitude and the laid-back outlook on life which is preventing youth worldwide to try becoming successful and give up on their ambitions.

It seems that people have taken the Buddhist concept of “Contentment” way too literally, and contented in whatever they have, really not wanting anything more.

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Following this concept, the “Buddhist parenting” is the kind of upbringing where parents are not bothered about the future of their children as they know not everyone can be successful. A person following this mentality can have the same dish for lunch every day because he would not bother to choose.

This kind of attitude is being embraced so much in China, Japan, Taiwan, and South Korea, that the Japanese mobile phone game, Travel Frog, became the most popular game in these countries only because it requires nothing for the player to do but sit and see a Frog going about its daily chores. Obviously, the game has no concept of winner or loser, but the game beat all the intense and fierce games out there in markets.

Experts are calling the “Buddhist Mentality” as another form of decadent culture. They owe this trend to China being a developed country. As there is no poverty there, the country’s youth is well-facilitated and hence take the material comfort for granted. So in a way, the scenario of China currently is such that the youth there doesn’t need to work. It works only because it wants to work.

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The lack of motivation is widespread among the youth, and it is making the youth consider the option of sitting back idle at home. Consequently, a large percentage of this youth has already become monks at a very young age.

It comes as a surprise because the trend has originated from the country which is the epitome of development.

Wondering how many Indians will be there following this ideology.


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