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Jessy Chandra

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What is the easy way to control anger?


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Anger is a part of human nature. What differs is the degrees of anger in every human. Some people are very short-tempered, some are mild, and some are very pacified and don’t get angry easily.

Those who are very short tempered often fall prey to stress. This makes them irritable as well. Short-tempered people are more prone to stress because anger prohibits your mind to think and act properly.


These are some ways in which you can control your anger:

  • If something is making you very angry, just leave that place and go away from that thing or person. Try not thinking about that whatever made you angry.
  • Try sharing the cause of anger with some friend or family member. This will pacify you.
  • Sometimes anger emerges due to taking extra and unnecessary work upon yourself. Take only that much amount of work which you can do. Taking too much work and not being able to do it will leave you unsatisfied and hence angry.
  • Meditation is a good way of controlling anger as it teaches you to be in control of all your senses.
  • Keep taking breaks during work. Lots of pressure on body and mind is also a cause of anger.
  • Read your favorite book whenever you feel angry. This is one of the best ways to control anger.
All these things can help you control your anger.


writer in new York today | Posted on

Get some exercise simple as that.


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