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What is the most pointless rule in your school?


Student ( Makhan Lal Chaturvedi University ,Bhopal) | Posted on

I graduated from school long back but there is one rule that was one rule that always used to bother me. It bothers me even now when I hear some kid crying over the rule in front of me.

The rule is making English speaking compulsory in schools. There are some schools which even charge fine and give punishments if students are found speaking in any language other than English.

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I have never understood this rule clearly. There is barely any child in an Indian school whose mother tongue would be English. And in a communal place like school, a child just not learns from books and what teacher teaches, but from surroundings and other students as well. And making not speaking in the language you are comfortable with, restricts many important communications between students.

Children are learning English in school but authorities expect them to be ever so perfect in their spoken English and communication skills. This becomes one reason for students getting conscious of speaking incorrect English and often develop silent tendencies as their nature. They stop communicating not only with other students but with teachers as well, and this restricts their learning to a great deal.

So according to me, this rule is not just pointless, but to some extent, stupid as well. I don’t think any child learns speaking any language that way. I know practice makes a man perfect, but that practice should not be a compulsion. At least it should not lead to unnecessary punishments and fines.

School authorities need to understand that it’s very difficult for a child to shift to an entirely different cultural conversation for 6-7 hours on the most days of the week. Even if their tongues and lips are uttering English words, their mind is full of ideas in their mother tongue which are not going to fade away by force or punishments.  


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