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Yash Surve

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What is the proper order of skincare steps?


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Good and correct skincare regime is one of the key to great skin but apply it in correct order is the main part.

So to get the most benefit of the products you need to apply it in a correct order.

1. Cleansing - cleansing is the first step in any of the skin care routine. Start your day with clean face. Wash your face gently. Wash your face double to remove impurities. Cleansing remove the dirt , excessive oil from face.

2. Toner - get the extra Dirt or oil off. Toner balance out and prep your skin.

3.serum - extra boost to make your skin fabulous like vitamin c , anti oxidant serum.

4.moisturizng - prevent and treat dry skin.

5. Eye cream - prevent wrinkles and fine lines.

6. Sunscreen - protect your skin from the Sun.Letsdiskuss


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