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What is the purpose of Queer Pride Parade, held every year in Delhi?


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Queer Pride Parade is the celebration of the pride LGBTQ community has of their sexual preferences and orientations. The parade’s primary purpose is to show that this community is not ashamed of what they are, and the communal pressure can’t let them down from exhibiting their pride. Moreover, the parade signifies acceptance and a harmonious existence of people of all kind in a community.


It’s interesting to note that this pride parade is happening from quite a long time in Delhi, even before the removal of section 377. It is a very colorful event where the people belonging to and supporting LGBTQ community and homosexuality come on roads and exhibit their support, acceptance, and above all their pride.

Participants use a lot of varied means to showcase their feelings. They take help of dance, music, gymnastics, make up, and what not to convey and express what goes unheard more than often. Have a look:

Vibrant and colorful, isn’t it?

Have you ever been so proud and happy about what you are? Well, then you should absolutely go and participate in this parade and learn something from these people.

The Queer Pride Parade has become a modern attraction, for which many people visit Delhi every year.  


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