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shweta rajput

blogger | Posted 04 Nov, 2020 |

what is the recipe of Badam halwa ?

shweta rajput

blogger | |Updated 07 Nov, 2020

Badam halwa is a treat that is likewise wholesome when you cook it with a sugar substitute. It is frequently likewise prescribed to pregnant ladies to satisfy their pregnancy desires. Here's the manner by which you can make your own-

1. Absorb almonds heated water for in any event 60 minutes.

2. Channel and wash the almonds with new virus water. Strip the almonds and splash them again for five minutes in water.

3. Puree the almonds with milk into a smooth blend. You can likewise keep it somewhat coarse on the off chance that you need on the off chance that you favor a little mash in the last dish.

4. Warmth ghee on medium warmth (don't allow it to smoke) and add the almond puree. Mix the puree persistently.

5. Continue cooking till all the milk or dampness gets vanished and the combination begins to leave the sides of the dish.

6. When the puree is cooked, add saffron strands and blend well. Add a sugar substitute (it will be solid and still be flavorful) and blend.

7. Once the halwa thickens, ghee will overflow out from the puree. Residue it with cardamom powder. You can likewise decorate with a couple of fragments of almonds.