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What should we promise ourselves before entering in 2019?


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After the earth’s completion of every revolution around Earth, there are the festivities all over. We all indulge in waving goodbye to the last year and welcoming the next with open arms.

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Not just this, a new year gives us a chance to start afresh by reviving our spirits for all those things which were made bitter by the last year. With this, we say goodbye to all the negativity and embrace everything that is positive.

Same is true with the ending of 2018 and the beginning of 2019.

2018, was the year full of exciting Netflix series, memes, movies of which we could make fun, and a lot. The year made us laugh and also made us cry. But above all it made all of us learn certain things. And with those lessons, as we step into 2019, the following are the promises every one of us should make to ourselves to ensure a great year ahead.

1. I will always prepare myself today for a new tomorrow.

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2. I will never underestimate my failures and struggles but will learn from them.

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3. The coming year will not be about finding myself, but about creating myself.

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4. I will never shy away from asking for what I want.

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5. A bad day, week, or year does not mean a bad life.

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6. This too shall pass.

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7. I will not wait for “later” to become “never”.

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8. I will invest as much in my individuality, as I do in my relationships.

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9. I will aim for a healthy heart and an open mind.

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10. I will not step back from admitting my mistakes and realizing my flaws.

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