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What type of activities are performed in warehouse management systems?


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In any production network, warehouses play a significant role as it is the primary point of storage and accumulation of goods and ensures the safety of goods.
A warehouse management system (WMS) consists of a software application and processes that are developed to assist, administer, and optimize the warehouse functions, operations, and distribution efficiency.

The role of this system is to facilitate smooth and undisrupted management of goods by using simplified advanced technologies to make regular warehouse activities like planning, organizing, staffing, directing, regulating the use of resources, to transport and store goods both inside and outside the warehouse while assisting the staff, easy and efficient.

Typically, the activities performed in a warehouse management system include:

● Receiving goods
● Tracking stock
● Ensuring efficiency in storage
● Picking and shipping
● Providing information to managers
● Despatching goods

While a warehouse largely conducts a repository process, a warehouse management system goes a long way to ensure data transparency in stock control management of the goods.


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