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Ajay Paswan

Physical Education Trainer | Posted on | Sports

What was the biggest surprise of IPL auction 2018?


News reporter (CEN News ) | Posted on

For me, the biggest surprise was that nobody was betting on Chris Gayle, one of the biggest names in the world T20 cricket. Only at the last moment did Sehwag, coach of KXIP, decided to bid on him. And thank god he did. Look how Gayle is currently performing. He is in incredible form, smashing balls out of the park easily. Clearly, RCB made the biggest mistaketodate.

Aside from that, the biggest surprise of IPL 2018 was that no one picked Hashim Amla. Even last year, no one picked him. At the last moment, KXIP decided to have him on board. And boy did he play amazing. Although he is an acclaimed test player, in last year’s IPL, he looked to be in a great form, scoring two centuries. And it is because of him did Punjab won many matches. Sad, he didn’t find place in any team this year.

There are few other big names that no team picked. Like Shaun Marsh (his contribution in the first ever IPL is still very fresh in memory), Joe Root, James Faulkner, Eoin Morgan, and Ish Sodhi. They, remaining unsold, was the biggest surprise.

There were few other shocks. Like KKR let go Gautam Gambhir, KXIP not retaining Glen Maxwell and Sandeep Sharma, and Rajasthan Royals paying whopping Rs 11.5 crore to buy Jaydev Unadkat.

Evidently, it was one of the most interesting IPL auctions ever.


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