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Trishna Dhanda

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What would happen if you swallow tea bag?


Student | Posted

 Tea has been used for centuries to help cure a variety of ailments. Tea contains antioxidants that have been shown to improve mood and memory, as well as protect cells from damage caused by free radicals. The list of benefits is seemingly endless, but did you know that there's one more benefit that you can get out of tea? If it's been used too many times it can become contaminated with small pieces of tobacco or other substances. So today we're asking the question: 
What happens if you eat the inside of a tea bag?
First and foremost, there is a powdery form of tea present inside the tea bag. If someone tries to eat and check what is inside the tea bag, he/she will get the powdery tea placed inside it. The person who has consumed it will have all the powder in their mouth. There is nothing harmful present in the tea bag which can harm the person consuming it. It will only give some strong caffeine taste like any other tea. 
The main thing which has to be ignored of course is the actual tea bag because of its bleached paper. 

Can you eat tea leaves reddit?
As the tea leaves are only powered so it is all safe and you can eat tea leave reddit. 

Can eating tea bags kill you? 
As mentioned above in the blog, eating tea powder is all safe at its place but on the other hand, eating tea bags can kill anyone because of the bleach which is on the paper

Can you eat tea leaves for caffeine? 
Same as the normal tea or coffee, green teas also contain caffeine in them. Though you can consume tea leaves for caffeine purposes, having so much caffeine in one day can cause side effects like headache, anxiety etc.

Can we eat tea powder? 
Consumption of tea powder in small amounts can not be so harmful to the person. But when it comes to excessive consumption of tea powder in a day, this could lead to addiction and also side effects to the body. 

Do animals eat tea leaves?
Yes, animals eat tea leaves. As animals are habitual of having grass and tea leaves are also one kind, hence animals do eat tea leaves. Sometimes, these tea leaves are mixed with animal food. 


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