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Where is India-s 1st kid-centric homes and what-s the special about it ?


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The topic came in the spotlight back in February 25th, 2018, when Ashiana Housing Ltd. – one of India’s leading realty firm – announced that it will be investing Rs 500 crore over the span of 5 years to develop kid-centric homes in Jaipur and Gurgaon. It has already invested an equal amount in kid-centric projects over the years.

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And only a couple of months back the firm organized a conclave, possibly to sell their ideas to the parents. The director of Ashiana Housing Ltd, Varun Gupta, said: 

“With most of the young parents shifting to metro-cities in search of better job opportunities, it is becoming difficult for them to give significant time and attention to their little ones. In addition, most of the times, they face challenges such as no proper infrastructure which plays a great role in kid’s development. Here, comes the importance of kid-centric homes which help in facilitating better upbringing and promoting holistic development of the kid by offering various kid-centric amenities and activities within a planned society.” 

(Quote is taken from their Press Release) 

Put broadly, these are homes that are built around the distinct needs and requirements of kids. What kind of rooms they like, what wall color do they prefer, what facilities they want in the house and so forth. In addition, the kid-centric homes have a proper construction that ensures full safety and well-being of the little ones. 

It isn’t a new concept really—not even in India. Many people do live in kid-centric homes. However, a project of this magnitude in this niche has been undertaken for the first time. This is why many media outlets are talking about it—albeit carelessly.

P.S. The first kid-centric homes, Ashiana Umang, are located in Jaipur.


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