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Student ( Makhan Lal Chaturvedi University ,Bhopal) | Posted on | entertainment

Which biblical figures, are Mazikeen and Amenadiel from the show Lucifer based on?


| Posted on

Mazikeen and Amenadiel are characters from the TV series "Lucifer," which is loosely based on characters from the DC Comics universe. While the characters have some similarities to figures from biblical and mythological sources, they are not direct adaptations of any specific biblical figures.

Mazikeen is a demon and one of Lucifer's closest allies in the show. The name "Mazikeen" is derived from Jewish mysticism, where it refers to a type of malevolent spirit. However, the character's background and personality are largely unique to the show.

Amenadiel is an angel and one of Lucifer's siblings in the show. The name "Amenadiel" appears to be a variation of "Amenadab," a name mentioned in the genealogy of Jesus in the Gospel of Matthew. However, the character's personality and role in the show are largely original.

It's important to note that while the show uses some elements of religious mythology, it is a work of fiction and should not be taken as a literal interpretation of biblical stories or characters.


digital marketer | Posted on

Mazikeen and Amenadiel are unique to the DC comedian and show. They aren't referred to inside the Bible at all, or at least to the satisfactory of my information.

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That being stated, I am going to go on the display and now not on the comics, as you stated show specially.
The first, Mazikeen, is a demon. On Earth she is going by means of Mazikeen Smith and is known as Maze by her buddies. She is a member of the Lilim, a category of powerful demons at once descended from Adam’s first spouse, Lilith. As a demons, she is noticeably strong, speedy, long lasting, and is an professional at martial arts and bladed weaponry. She has no soul, and when she dies, she can definitely die, and because of this she regularly lives inside the moment, without an awful lot regard for proper or wrong or what comes subsequent. For heaps of years she was Hell’s choicest torturer and Lucifer’s proper-hand lady, bodyguard, confidante, and relied on pal. When Lucifer decided he desired to go away Hell and stay a existence on Earth it became her, of all of the different demons, that he selected to accompany him. Despite her bloodless, difficult demeanor and her distaste for feelings, Maze is honestly very sensitive and emotional, bordering on insecure. She seems as though she doesn’t hold regard for the well-being of others and they suggest little to her, however in reality she is fiercely defensive of her buddies, cares approximately them deeply, and would die for them if she needed to, even knowing it might suggest a real demise. Having been added from Hell through Lucifer she isn't on Earth possessing a frame, however instead in disguise as a human, inhabiting the Earth as a demon. A simple magic phantasm, just like how Angels cover their wings and Lucifer hides his devil face, covers her genuine, demonic face, as nicely. I can’t really think of any particular characters in the bible that she would be based on and is, in essence, the personification of demon-type. In the beginning of the series she became a completely one-dimensional character, however because the display progresses, so too did her man or woman.

 Mazikeen                                                                                                                                                                                               (image : google)
Amenadiel is a bit simpler to location. Like Maze, he's based off a character in the comics, but the similarities cease pretty tons with the name (the two characters share very little in not unusual). He is God’s oldest child, and his preferred son. Being the oldest he's the maximum effective and is handiest equaled with the aid of Lucifer in may. He is the Fury of God and is the finest and most powerful soldier in the Heavenly Host. Like Maze, he firstly hated being on Earth and around people. He looked down on them with contempt and might regularly sluggish time (considered one of his celestial powers) as adversarial to socialize with them. His undertaking become to either persuade, or pressure, Lucifer to go back to Hell, as it become left unguarded in his absence, and as a end result Amenadiel became compelled to patrol it’s borders, a process he detested.
Amenadiel Amenadiel                                                                                                                                                                                    ( image: google)
However, through the years, Amenadiel has forged a few very sentimental relationships, has fallen in love, and has come to examine Lucifer as, no longer just a brother, but a very good guy as nicely. As the maximum powerful angel, God’s first born and favored son, and a noble soldier in God’s Holy Army, Amenadiel is based totally off of the Archangel Michael. This is made blatantly obvious whilst he and Linda are discussing names for his or her infant and she or he mentions “Michael” and Amenadiel right now shoots it down with disgust. This suggests that Michael either, A) exists in canon and isn't always properly-appreciated with the aid of Amenadiel, or that the Bible, in canon, has it wrong and has actually based totally Michael on Amenadiel and, now not being given his due recognition, distastes the name in wellknown.


Student | Posted on

Amenadiel and Mazikeen are the two characters based on Biblical figures from the series “Lucifer” and those characters are based on Biblical figures. Amenadiel is a character which never appeared in any religious texts so far. So, it is said to be God’s firstborn and his favourite son. Also, this character has been portrayed as a very loyal and trustworthy character which seems like Amenadiel is based on Abrahamic faiths’ angel Michael. Amenadiel is considered the most powerful soldier and said to be the Fury of God. Amenadiel has also built many relationships and also fallen in love. In “The Book of Enoch” it has been written that Amenadiel was defeated by Archangel Michael and was sent to hell. 





The character Mazikeen, also known as Maze, is also based on a biblical figure. She is known to be a member of a group of powerful demons known as Lilim. She was the torturer of hell and was Lucifer’s friend who kept on accompanying Lucifer. The name was taken from the Hebrew term “Mazikin” which is also mentioned Tamlud which means ‘dangerous’ or ‘those who harm’. In the Talmud, it has been said that Mazikeen is an invisible demon which is very dangerous. She is referred to as a strong, speedy and long-lasting character. In the Bible, there is no specific character similar to Mazikeen but her character personifies a demon’s character. It means the character Mazikeen is not a particular or single demon rather it signifies the whole group of Jewish demons. 


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