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Which is the best butter to choose between Amul and Nutralite?


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Do you like to have butter or prefer margarine as a companion to your bread? Well, opinions may differ in this matter. Some cannot resist butter and move to margarine while some cannot imagine bread without margarine. This is undoubtedly a debatable topic. So it is better to discuss some real facts about Amul butter and Nutrilite:

1.Amul butter is made of 80% milk and 20% water while Nutrilite contains MUFA, PUFA, and saturated fat. But yes, the content of saturated fat in nutralites is much less than the Amul butter.
2.Neutralite is made of fats derived from plants that make it ideal for health-conscious people. The heart patients are suggested to use Nutrilite as a substitute for butter for the delicacies and as a bread spread.
3.Margarine contains vegetable oil, polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats which are very essential to keep your heart healthy.
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4.There is no content of cholesterol in nutralite margarine. It is safe for high cholesterol patients. But there is the presence of artificial color, preservatives, and harmful chemicals in Nutrilite. This proves that it is not fully safe for your health.
5.The extreme solid form of Nutrilite contains more trans-fat which is mutagenic and carcinogenic.
6.The taste of Amul is butter due to diacetyl, a chemical chemicaladditive in it. The yellow color of Amul butter comes from the coloring agent added to it.
This concludes that the debate with Amul and Nutralite is endless. Because both have some pros and cons as well.


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If you are looking to buy butter, you might find yourself wondering if Amul or Nutralite is the best brand. With so many different options available it can be difficult to know what will work best for your needs. Better yet, buying butter can be expensive! Butter should cost less than $2/kg (around 10 Euros) and yet sometimes butter can cost more than $4/kg.

If you want to save money and know which butter is the best choice - keep reading! We'll compare both brands of butter below, including their similarities and differences.

Amul Butter Nutralite Butter

Let's take a look at the main differences between Amul and Nutralite butter.

1. Ingredients

Both Amul and Nutralite butter are made from fresh cream, which is churned until it becomes butter. Both brands of butter use high-quality ingredients and are both delicious - although they do have different flavors to them. While both brands of butter use salted water, Nutralite uses less salt than Amul so it is also a bit healthier than Amul.

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A majority of people don't know that Nutralite is nothing but a white substance that got yellow coloring and sells to people to use in the place of butter. Ever heard of Margarine? No? Nutralite is not butter but it is "margarine".

Margarine was created to serve as a butter alternative. At its base, the primary ingredient is vegetable oil, which is a liquid at room temperature. In order to take that liquid oil to a more solid form, it is processed and hydrogenated. The more hydrogenated oil means more trans-fat content so it's a myth that Nutralite is more healthy.

On the other hand, Amul Butter is comprised mainly of 80% milk fat and 20% water. It has received a lot of red flags due to the fact that it contains large amounts of both saturated fat and cholesterol. However, new studies have shown that these fats are not as harmful as people think.